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Midwest Waste Solutions FAQ:


     Q: How do I order a dumpster?
      A: Simply call Midwest Waste Solutions @ 1-574-293-6600 or order online.

      Q: Do I need to be at the location when you drop off the container?
      A: Absolutely not. Simply let our customer service representative know where you would like it placed.
         We will then make sure that it is  dropped in the proper location.

       Q: Can you place the container wherever I want?
       A: We will make every effort to place the container in the most convenient spot for loading. However, we
           must consider if the driving  surface and subsurface is suitable to bear the weight of our truck, equipment
           and load. Also, some municipalities may have ordinances related to roll-off containers.  

      Q: When does the container need to be paid for?
       A: You can pay for the container either upon delivery or over the phone before the container is dropped at the location.
Q: What form of payment do you accept?
       A: We accept Visa, MasterCard,  Discover,  American Express, as well as, checks, cash and money orders.

      Q: How long is the normal rental period?
      A: Usually you may keep the dumpster for up to seven business days. Additional charges may apply if you
          need it for a longer period of time. 

      Q: What size dumpster do I need for brick, concrete, or dirt?
      A: We only rent 10 cubic yard containers for these types of debris.

      Q: Are certain items prohibited from being placed into a container?
      A: Yes. The following items are banned: propane tanks, car batteries, hazardous materials, tires, asbestos
          and appliances containing Freon. Be sure to ask a Midwest Waste Solutions representative if you have
          a questionable item. 

 Q: How soon can you get here?
       A: Midwest Waste Solutions can usually have a roll-off box at your location the day after you make an order.

Q: Is Midwest Waste Solutions licensed?
       A: Midwest Waste Solutions is fully insured and  licensed.

Q: How long has Midwest Waste Solutions been in business?
       A: Midwest Waste Solutions has been family owned and operated since 1976! 





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